MOTOBECANE 175cc 1924 type MB1 Series 5550... - Lot 1 - Eve

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1800 - 2000 EUR
MOTOBECANE 175cc 1924 type MB1 Series 5550... - Lot 1 - Eve
MOTOBECANE 175cc 1924 type MB1 Series 5550 Almost in collector condition ! Very well restored Doesn't look old at all. Delivered with its collector's registration card A little bit of history for the oldest of the sale : MB1 LA PREMIERE It all starts in a small company in Pantin, the S.I.C.A.M. (Société Industrielle de Construction d'Automobiles et de Moteurs) where Charles Benoit and Abel Bardin work in the early twenties together with one of the great two-stroke engine specialists, Marcel Violet. The two men got along well and worked together in 1922 on a small car designed in the cyclecar spirit: the Pelican. This one burned during a test run and the project was abandoned. The two engineers then started to build a light motorcycle of 175 cc. This motorcycle, powered by a two-stroke engine of 56 mm bore and 70 mm stroke, runs at a cruising speed of 1800 rpm and according to a catalog that I date from the end of 24, develops 1.75 HP for a price of 1375 francs. Its vocation is essentially utilitarian, although the advertising poster drawn by Marcel Dupin represents it in lady version, accompanied by a tennis player. The production of 1923 is confidential, essentially made up of prototypes. The actual start of production took place at the end of 1924, the company's articles of association having been officially registered on 11 December 1924.
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