The inventory is the complete list of dwelling’s contents. It could be simple or estimated.
In the first case, it’s a question of making an enumeration of the goods present in a given place. In the second case, it is necessary to add the value of each object.
When is it useful to carry out an appraisal, an appraisal or an inventory?

Obviously, before selling a painting, jewelry, furniture or an object of any importance, it’s essential to know what is proposed and its value in order to be protected against any mistakes due to an untimely decision.

An inventory is useful during an inheritance, not only for tax purposes but also to establish a fair and equitable basis for sharing between heirs.
It is recommended to carry out an inventory of its patrimony for the purposes of insurance. This involve either submitting the appraisal in order to carry out an insurance value or to determine the overall value to be insured.
But also, and above all, to pre-constitute proof in case of disaster, to be able to obtain fair compensation.

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